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"Adapter" Design Pattern - a real life example

I just worked on a legacy project that uses Symfony 4 and Zend Framework 1. Since they exist in the same folder, I had to reuse code from Symfony 4 and implement it in Zend. Fortunatelly both of these use some common classes (Doctrine ORM) so it was possible.

I decided to implement Adapter (Wrapper) Software Design Pattern and that's what I'd like to share with you in a short form.

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Getting started with Symfony API Platform + troubleshooting

Last few days I am playing around with API Platform, a REST and GraphQL framework to build modern API-driven projects using Symfony framwork. It’s framework for quick and easy setup of an API project. And it’s really easy and fast, except if you face with few issues as I did. In this article I want to share few hints for beginners in Docker and API Platform.

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My PHP solution to Queen's Attack II @ HackerRank

Please check the problem explanation here:

Therefore, we need to check how many moves the queen can make on the board with size of NxN. Also calculate that the queen can not jump over obstacles.

Few examples...

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